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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact us at


There can be several causes. Proper cleaning is essential. Make sure all parts are clean and dry before assembling. Press all parts well before using the breast pump.

You have a standard 2-year warranty on the electronic parts of the breast pump. This therefore only applies to the engine. There is no warranty on the breast shield and all other silicone parts.

We aim to deliver all orders placed before 22:00 the next working day. There may be exceptions. We will inform you about this.

Always inform us within 5 working days. contact us at

Please also add photos of any damage.

The average user uses breast shield 24 mm. The breast pump is therefore standard in size 24 mm. We have different formats available. The sizes are: 17 mm, 19 mm and 21 mm. Do you want to know how to measure your nipples? click here

Always wash all accessories of the pump after pumping or when using it for the first time, except the motor (yellow part). First rinse the breast pump and then wash it with warm water and liquid detergent. You can also put the silicone parts in the washing machine, but do this without dishes with food residues. The silicone parts can discolour.

Then dry the parts or let them air out on a clean tea towel.

You should disinfect the pump parts at least once a day. You also do this if the breast pump is brand new.

Place the silicone pump parts in a pan of water and bring the pan to a boil for about 5 minutes. Then take out the flask parts (after it has cooled down) and dry the flask parts with a clean tea towel or let it air out.

Pumping shouldn't hurt. Have you checked whether you have the correct breast shield? When in doubt, with your nipple on. Read here how to do this. We can supply the right format.

Aren't you pumping at too high a setting? Many mothers turn up the intensity, thinking they will produce more milk. This is not right. Pumping should be comfortable. It can therefore help to set the breast pump level slightly lower. Switch a position lower and you will see that it is much more pleasant.

Onze borstkolven produceren het minimale. De borstkolf produceert niet meer dan 40 decibel. Je hoort de borstkolf enkel in stille ruimtes.

Top quality

The WOWMOM breast pump is in accordance with EU guidelines and BPA free.

Next day at home

Order before 4 p.m. and receive the WOWMOM breast pump the next working day


Unopened WOWMOM breast pump may be returned within 7 days