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by Wowmom

Single Breast Pump WOWMOM

€119,99 €139,99
Rating: 4.76 out of 5.0

As a mother you want the best for your baby and breastfeeding plays an important role. Unfortunately, you can't always feed live for whatever reason. Breastpumping is then an option. We want you to be able to pump as comfortably as possible after your leave at work, on the road, during an event or simply at home. With WOWMOM you can pump hands-free anywhere, anytime. No longer the inconvenience of cables and searching for sockets. Our breast pumps are slim and easy to use without others noticing. With the WOWMOM breast pump you have your hands free and enough freedom of movement.

The flask is BPA-free, CE certified and easy to disassemble and clean after use.

The stock has different modes:

  • Let-down reflex mode: With this mode the let-down reflex is activated
  • Massage mode: With this mode you can enjoy a pleasant massage
  • Auto Mode: In auto mode, all steps take place in sequence to optimally express breast milk
  • Breastfeeding mode: During this mode, the pump makes pumping movements. This is how the breast milk is pumped best.

The breast pump has a powerful suction and can be set to level 12.

Approximately 200 ml of breast milk fits in each cup. You cannot lie down or lean all the way back or bend completely with the stock.

The breast shield has a standard size of 24mm. Do you need a different format? You can order these via the webshop.


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Saida Claessens

Enkele handsfree borstkolf WOWMOM

Amber van Huissteden

Fijn apparaat, doet het goed en is makkelijk schoon te maken.

L. van Beelen
Prima kolf alleen de inhoud van de opvang bak laat te wensen over

Kolven zelf was fijn, alleen de opvangbak zou 180ml moeten kunnen hebben, maar deze was bij 150ml al aan het overlopen. Als ik dat had geweten, had ik hem nooit gekocht. Erg jammer, want het is fijn dat er geen losse motor bovenop zit.


Heel erg blij met de kolf! Werkt perfect 👌🏼

Handige, fijne kolf!

Echt een hele fijne kolf. Makkelijk in gebruik en super makkelijk schoon te maken. Ik heb een hekel aan veel onderdelen schoonmaken en wil snel aan de slag kunnen. Dat kan met deze kolf! Goede stand zoeken en gaan met die banaan!

Top quality

The WOWMOM breast pump is in accordance with EU guidelines and BPA free.

Next day at home

Order before 4 p.m. and receive the WOWMOM breast pump the next working day


Unopened WOWMOM breast pump may be returned within 7 days